With the technological advances of the 21st century, fraudulent documents are too easily attainable and are sprouting up everywhere.  No one feature can make a document secure, stopping fraud and misuse.  That’s why every day, more than 2,400 institutions and corporations turn to Scrip-Safe’s multi-layer security technology to safeguard the integrity and authenticity of important documents like transcripts.

We call our multi-layered security technology, Global Document Protection. Our security features include:

  • Global Watermark Protection – When held toward a light source, translucent globes appear over the face AND back of the entire document. This a true watermark, built into the fibers of the paper and is easily verified with little effort.
  • Indenti-Doc – A custom latent image appears when photocopied or scanned rendering it useless. For example, the words “void” or “copy” appear across the transcript.
  • Brown Stain Paper – When touched with fresh bleach, the paper turns brown.
  • Can-Scan – White text repeats across the face of the paper and distorts when photocopied or scanned.
  • Signa-Seal – A white signature is imposed over a seal and distorts when photocopied or scanned.
  • Fluorescent fibers – Fibers appear when exposed to a black light.

Scrip-Safe’s Global Document Protection ensures the authenticity of your transcripts and makes your transcripts as secure as possible in today’s world.

For producing transcripts, Scrip-Safe’s order specialist team will partner with you the entire process, from start (quoting and ordering) to finish (shipping/delivery). You’ll experience our renowned customer service at all stages until your transcripts are in your hands safely.

Scrip-Safe produces transcripts at its own in-house printing facility with the highest standards of print production and quality assurance. Our goal is to deliver an excellent product that meets or exceeds your expectations, time after time. Check out our Diploma products too, also known for their excellence.