Diplomas on Demand Web

Diplomas on Demand Web

If you’re like most learning institutions, your diploma printing process involves prepping lists, proofing diplomas, outsourcing the job, and waiting on a printing company for the finished documents.  Typical questions swirl around your head too: Will your diplomas be back in time for commencement? Will they be printed correctly? How many diplomas will be wasted because of a graduate’s changing plans? 

Though the long-standing traditional diploma printing process is tried-and-true, it’s often expensive and a bit slow.  A newer way to tackle your diploma challenges is with Scrip-Safe’s Diplomas on Demand, an easy-to-use, web-based diploma printing service. 

With our web-based solution, you occupy the driver’s seat and control the printing of diplomas in your own office. On-demand. On your own schedule. With peace of mind. Diplomas on Demand allows you to deliver faster and better student service with administrative efficiencies. You’ll have more time to focus on the details and quality of diplomas too. It’s quite simply the wave of the future.

Features of our industry-respected Diplomas on Demand software include:

  • Import student data easily using Excel
  • Proofread diplomas as a PDF BEFORE printing them
  • Automatically archive every diploma and signature for record keeping and easy reprints
  • Archive facsimile signatures
  • Create customized templates including:
    • Body Text
    • Graduate Name
    • Degree
    • Major
    • Honors
    • Date
    • Signatures
  • Utilize our customer support (included)
  • Print just one diploma or an entire commencement class of diplomas

Since Diplomas on Demand is web-based software, there is never anything to install. No extra work or burden is placed on your IT department, and any feature/function updates happen right when they are available. You can also work when it is convenient for you, from any computer.

At Scrip-Safe, peace-of-mind is our specialty. With high-grade security features like Secure Socket Layer Encryption (technology comparable to banking and e-commerce security), you can rest easy knowing your information is secure 24/7.  Diplomas on Demand even allows you to control who has access and what features they can access.

Are you thinking, “But printing in-house must be a compromise in quality”? Think again. If anything, you will now have access to more options than ever before in design, paper, foil, ink and templates.  Learn more about our diploma stock options here.

Is in-house printing NOT the optimal solution for you?  Scrip-Safe also offers complete diploma fulfillment options utilizing many of the same Diplomas on Demand features, but we’ll print the final product here. We can either mail the finished diplomas directly to your students or ship the order back to your campus for distribution at commencement. 

The offering is called Diplomas on Demand ELITE.  Our Diplomas on Demand ELITE service still puts the process in your hands by guaranteeing that your order will leave our facility in no more than 10 business days!