Corporate Solutions

Corporate Solutions

Not only is Scrip-Safe a leader in supplying document solutions for the education industry, but it also supplies businesses with document solutions for a wide assortment of business needs. From crucial demands for document security and protection to sundry requirements for address stamping and signature seals, Scrip-Safe’s business-oriented product portfolio effectively fills many needs.

Whether you work in a small business or large corporation, think of Scrip-Safe as a “one-stop document solutions shop.” We enjoy working with our business clients to provide the RIGHT SOLUTION FOR THE RIGHT SITUATION. Below we describe our key corporate solutions offerings.

Corporate Security Paper

With the technology to create counterfeit documents so readily accessible, more and more businesses are taking extra steps to protect themselves and their documents against fraudulent reproduction.

Does your business have a need for an especially secure paper? Want to keep your trade secrets SECURE? Want to protect against intellectual property theft?

Look no further than the paper security experts, Scrip-Safe. With years of experience providing secure paper solutions for thousands of clients, Scrip-Safe offers document security you can rely on for your most demanding business needs.

Scrip-Safe can customize a latent image to your corporate identity, add inventory numbering, bar-coding, or micro-line printing for document tracking and accountability, all on chemically reactive paper.

By adding these security features into your office paper, you’ll be creating an effective deterrent to these growing threats.  When you work with Scrip-Safe, you can rest assured you are getting the best leading-edge solutions in this arena.

Research Notebooks

In addition to all the features of our corporate security paper, Scrip-Safe will produce customized research notebooks with your unique corporate fingerprint. This includes notebook cover sheets, table of content pages, chain of custody signature pages, and more, all tailored to your needs. Notebooks will be 3-hole punched for standard binders, and may be shrink-wrapped or inserted into binders.

Our current clients use these Research Notebooks for product development and market research purposes.

Business Envelopes

Scrip-Safe offers an abundant variety of custom envelopes to meet just about any business mailing need. Our envelopes make a great impression as well as offer significant security. We offer:

  • A wide variety of size selection including standard #9, #10, booklet, and catalog
  • Several seal types, including a traditional gum seal or peal and seal
  • Windowed or no window selection as well as custom window placement
  • An array of ink colors including custom inside tints for security

Certificates of Recognition and Achievement

Your team members are a valuable asset. Show them your appreciation by presenting an award they will be proud to display. At Scrip-Safe we pride ourselves on producing high quality, flawless awards.

Whether it’s an award you would like us to reproduce, a totally new design, or something in between, Scrip-Safe is ready to help.

We offer:

  • Foil stamping (including 60+ color options!)
  • Embossing
  • Custom paper sizing
  • 20+ Paper choices
  • Offset ink printing

Correspondence with IMPACT

Let Scrip-Safe create personalized logo stationary for your business needs. Use your letterhead to show customers they are dealing with an organization that values professionalism. Make the best impression possible with your new and existing customers. Features include:

  • Your logo showcased
  • A selection of paper weights and finishes
  • Customized ink colors
  • Tailored sizes to fit your business, project or branding needs

Self-inking Stamps and Embossers

Are you searching for an easier way to leave your business address or an indelible mark on your documents? A self-inking stamp may be your solution. Scrip-Safe will provide customized self-inking address stamps, which are available in a great variety of sizes and ink colors.

Self-inking monograms stamps are also available for literally and figuratively leaving a memorable impression.

Scrip-Safe also offers customized embossers for both light and heavy duty impression requirements. Some of our clients like to use embossers for documents needing logos, icons, watermarks, signature seals, to make the best impression possible or to simply meet certain document requirements that arise.

Whatever your motivation or project, let the Specialists at Scrip-Safe work with you to come up with superior solutions for your corporate document needs.